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Land Survey Services in Connecticut

With our licensed Land Surveyors and Professional Engineers, Kratzert, Jones & Associates Inc is a full service land surveying firm and civil engineering firm that can follow projects from the initial planning stage all the way to design and construction.

We provide a variety of surveying services for Hartford County, including Meriden, Bristol, Cheshire, Plainville as well as the city of Waterbury, CT and New Haven CT.

ALTA Surveys are detailed maps of the land that include boundary lines, location of the main buildings including existing improvements, location of ancillary buildings, the identification of easements (access rights by service companies such as water, gas, telephone, railways and other utilities). The ALTA survey is a combination of a boundary survey, title survey, and a location survey.

Boundary Surveys are obtained to establish the extension of a given parcel. Once a boundary survey has been completed, the surveyor creates a new map of the parcel or updates an existing map with the property’s “new” boundaries. According to local customs, the surveyor may also create a physical record of the new boundaries on the land itself in the form of a series of stakes.

Mortgage Surveys are of two types: a mortgage location survey and a mortgage inspection survey.
The first is used by mortgage companies to determine which buildings are present on a specific parcel of land (like garage, houses, shed) and to ensure that the property is free of encroachments. Mortgage inspection surveys are less detailed and specify what is included in the purchase of a home.

Plot Plans are architecture, engineering, and/or landscape architecture plan drawings showing buildings, utility runs, and equipment layout, position of roads, and other constructions of an existing or proposed project site at a specific indicated scale. Plot plans are also known more commonly as site plans.

Topographic Surveys are used to identify the existing contours above and below a surface including trees, walkways, manholes, utility poles, streets, buildings, retaining walls etc.

Site Planning refers to the organizational stage of the landscape design process. It involves the organization of land use zoning, access, circulation, privacy, security, shelter, land drainage, and other factors.

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